How Mags are repaired.

Mag Repairs

Mags are a valued addition to any vehicle. They add a pristine and polished look to the overall vehicle design as long as they are in good condition. Modern mags can be scuffed or scratched by hitting curbs or other objects while driving. These road hazards cannot always be avoided. Even a small amount of damage will be obvious and must be repaired in order to keep a vehicle looking new and in pristine condition.

Thankfully modern repair techniques allow for mags to be restored to their original brilliant appeal. To make sure you get the best value for your money, be sure to take your vehicle to a reputable specialist to repair the mags. We repair all types and sizes of mags and can fix almost any damage done to a mag.

Steel Rim Repair

Driving fast over uneven terrain may cause wheel rims to dent, deform, or even crack. A damaged rim will make you feel vibrations on the steering wheel and may even cause the car to steer off course.

Because steel rims are more vulnerable to damage than those made of aluminium, each case is unique and needs to be assessed by a specialist. It is often possible to straighten or even weld steel rims.

Diamond Cutting

Diamond cutting is a very precise process. Diamond cutting can be applied to the full face and lip of the wheel. Combined with an application of base coat paint it can produce some spectacular finishes, with the shiniest results.

Not all wheels can be diamond cut and a wheel can generally be diamond cut 1 to 2 times. Each wheel is assessed individually. If our technician feels that the wheel integrity will be compromised in any way, they will not cut the wheel and recommend an alternative finish.

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